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10 Best Designers for Prescription Glasses Frames

Want to pick out eyeglasses for yourself? Definitely, the quality of glasses is what matters the most while choosing prescription glasses. But what matters equally important is the style and structure of these frames when you put them on. Well, we have compiled a list of the 10 best prescription glasses brands for you. These brands have made a renowned position for themselves with their eccentric style, unparalleled quality and exquisite style offerings. Let’s view each of these brands.

1. Gucci Glasses 

Gucci GG0027O 001 Black Glasses
Gucci GG0027O 001 Black Glasses

If you are someone who loves intricate details and exquisite craftsmanship, nothing comes closer to the level that GUCCI has established for itself. Gucci is undoubtedly the most desired fashion house at the moment and for your luxury eyewear brand pick, Gucci comes across as the best. 

Find for yourself the nerdy yet absolutely chic glass frames from Gucci here. With its intriguing colours and thick-rimmed frames, we are sure your heart would tick at the right place. 

2. Cartier Glasses 

Cartier CT0045O 001 Silver Glasses (Copy)
Cartier CT0045O 001 Silver Glasses

This French luxury conglomerate has made a renowned name in the market for its exclusive segment of eyewear glasses. The brand promises and sticks by excellent quality and skillful craftsmanship over the years. The most classic frameless glasses from Cartier are the epitome of timeless elegance. Gift the men in your life with exquisite vision and luxury by choosing from this collection

3. Tom Ford Glasses 

Tom Ford FT5604/V 008 54 GUNMETAL Glasses
Tom Ford FT5604/V 008 Gunmetal Glasses

Tom Ford has time and again gained a remarkable position in the eyewear market with its eclectic designs and funk element. The classic tom ford style is clean shapes, rimmed bodies and nerd appeal. Tom Ford glasses are known for their exquisite premium quality and hence they may be in a higher price range compared to others. But trust us, the flexibility, style and comfort would make every penny worth it. View our Tom Ford collection, here.

4. Burberry Glasses 

Burberry BE2334 3001 55 BLACK Glasses
Burberry BE2334 3001 Black Glasses

Burberry is undeniably the epitome of luxury when it comes to quality goods and styling. Burberry style combines vintage classic appeal with contemporary style and we cannot think of a pick better than Burberry for your designer glasses brand search. The brand offers a curated collection in eye-catching shapes and colours to match your everyday mood. 

5. Ray-Ban Glasses 

Ray-Ban RB5255 5075 51 HAVANA Glasses
Ray-Ban RB5255 5075 Havana Glasses

Ray-Ban needs no introduction when it comes to eye wear. Its effortless, vintage styles have evolved over the years only to be more fashionable and functional. If classic and iconic is your style type, Ray-ban is a pick for you. The funky coloured framed glasses from Ray-Ban are our absolute favourites. Find a pair of glasses that suits your personality. 

6. Alexander McQueen Glasses 

Alexander Mcqueen AM0094OA 001 Black Glasses
Alexander McQueen AM0094OA 001 Black Glasses

Alexander McQueen has made an unquestioning place in the eyewear market with its feminine luxury designs. Amongst the leading designer glasses brand, Alexander McQueen stands apart with its conceptual style and designs. Find a diversified range of cat-eyed, round, ovular and rectangular glass frames from this brand, here

7. Calvin Klein Glasses 

Calvin Klein CK18704 272 Beige Glasses
Calvin Klein CK18704 272 Beige Glasses

Calvin Klein as a fashion house has diversified its portfolio from mere clothing company to eyewear and other accessories. When it comes to eyewear, CK offers sleek finished frames perfect for individuals who wish to get the formal appeal. Not only that, the collection is diversified to suit the taste of teenagers, collegers, office workers and creatives. Explore the entire range of CK eyewear collections over here.

If you are looking for budgeted luxury picks, Calvin Klein should be your choice. 

8. Chloé Glasses 

Chloé CE2139 717 Gold Glasses
Chloé CE2139 717 Gold Glasses

The collection of Chloe boasts of femininity and elegance through its bold and colourful eyewear offerings. Chloe as a luxury brand has made quite a reputation with its consistent quality mark. Time and again, Chloe has achieved the pinnacle of eclectic designs and bold styles for regular use. 

Find yourself a pop of colour and a pair of glasses to make your everyday visuals better. Find your perfect eyewear, here

9. Bottega Veneta Glasses 

Bottega Veneta BV0193OA 002 Havana Glasses
Bottega Veneta BV0193OA 002 Havana Glasses

Bottega Veneta has made a remarkable impression with its refined attitude. The root concepts of Bottega can be seen in its collection that’s sophisticated, contemporary and iconic. View the collection from the brand and we are certain you would find a pick perfect for yourself. 

10. Lacoste Glasses 

Lacoste L2217 001 Black Glasses
Lacoste L2217 001 Black Glasses

This french company with its iconic crocodile mark has made an unmissable impression on the market across the world. Lacoste glasses with their classic designs have made an unquestioning position in the eyewear market. From frameless classic picks to stylish designs, the curated collection of Lacoste could fulfil the needs of everyone. 

These designer glasses brands are amongst our top sellers. What is your favourite brand when it comes to eyewear? Find the prescription glasses for each of these brands to ensure you get excellent vision all the way through.

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