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2022 Glasses Frames Trends for Female and Male

2022 is already a month down and it’s time we bring forth some fashionable changes for you. Changing your eyewear style is the easiest way to turn around your look and gain a different perspective on the style. Whether you are a fashionista who jump on the bandwagon as soon as a new style is introduced or you are someone who takes time to adjust to new fashion changes, these 2022 eyewear trends are something you simply cannot miss. 

Glasses Trends for Female

Glasses Trends for Male

Over time we can see the classic styles reinventing themselves with more variations and panache. Some questions that repeatedly pops the search these days include,

● Are oversized glasses in style 2022? 

● Are clear glasses in style 2022? 

● What are the 2022 eyewear trends? 

Well, we did our bit of research and consulted experts on the same. Here we are with 2022 eyewear trends both for females and males to get you more style sleek this year.

1. Classic Cat-Eye Glasses 

The fun variations with Cat-eyed glasses are simply endless. It adds a definition to your face and is meant to add perfect character to every face type. Whether you choose the simple subtle cat-eyed variations or the dramatic oversized cat-eyed frame or even more profound style variations, this style trend is definitely going to get you a visible makeover. 

Gucci GG0923O 002 Havana Cat-Eye Glasses
Gucci GG0923O 002 Havana Cat-Eye Glasses

This Havana cat-eyed glasses from Gucci have a thick-rimmed frame and subtle elongations towards the brows. It’s a great pick to bring forth your nerdy, smart arena and is a smart addition to your everyday vanity. 

Pick this black thick-rimmed Gucci Cat-eyed frame if you are looking for more enhanced cat-eyed variations. The sleek extensions towards the brows would add a natural contour to your face. Moreover, the textured temples of this exquisite masterpiece make it a not-so-ordinary addition to your everyday eyewear. 

2. Colourful Crystal Glasses 

Colours are the best way to add definition to eyewear. Opt for subtle or pop colours based on your preference and style needs. Go bold with fearless colour choices and we are sure you would be rewarded. There is something so eye-catching and peculiar about colours that they will be a style maker for you. 

This Bottega Veneta cat-eyed frame in crystal blue looks beyond rich. It has a sleek finish and is accompanied well by metal rims over the temples. It’s the best pick for your formal and suave personality with its enhanced character. 

Want to be more playful with colours? 

Jimmy Choo JC254/F W66 Pink Glasses
Jimmy Choo JC254/F W66 Pink Glasses

This Jimmy Choo round glasses in pink colour are our best pick. The subtle glitter finish looks extravagant and makes for a perfect accompaniment to every party look. You are sure to turn heads with this eyewear. What do you think? 

3. Vintage-style Aviator Glasses 

Vintage style aviators are going to make a huge appeal in the market with their clean styling. They are oversized, refreshing and offers an uninterrupted vision. They look effortlessly sleek. Time and again celebrities have been spotted in this eyewear and we assure you, this trend is here to stick by. 

Tom Ford FT5631-B 001 Shiny Glasses
Tom Ford FT5631-B 001 Shiny Glasses

This shiny Tom Ford frame has a metal body and a stunning dual-toned temple finish. It looks effortless and is a great addition to your eyewear collection for its enhanced strength, structure and styling. 

Explore more Vintage style aviators here

4. Round Eyeglass Frames 

Gucci GG0608OK 003 Havana Round Glasses
Gucci GG0608OK 003 Havana Round Glasses

Round frames have been in vogue for a long time and it’s here to stay. The wireframe glasses are going to trend the charts for their enhanced appeal. However, if you are looking for functional and durable sturdy options, thick-rimmed and metal thin frames would be the absolute best for you. 

Go for something as sleek as this Gucci thin metal frame or a thick-rimmed circular design like this- you are sure to look your phenomenal self in these round frames. 

Explore the wide curation of round eyeglasses from designer brands here

5. Oversized Glasses 

Gucci GG0596OA 003 Gold Glasses
Gucci GG0596OA 003 Gold Glasses

Oversized glasses are their exceptional self. With their dramatic flair and over imposing stature, they are your wise pick to create a bold, flattering style statement. You need not say much when you have oversized glasses doing their work for you. You can never be wrong with an oversized frame if you have a round or ovular face. 

This Gucci Black acetate frame is well shaped and gives contours to your face with its enhancing touch. It is a great pick not only from the style stature but also to offer complete protection to your eyes in these harsh environmental conditions. 

These 5 women trends are here to slay your 2022. What’s your favourite pick.

Moving forth, let’s explore the men’s eyewear trend now. 

1. Oversized Glasses 

Men’s out there. Take a note. Oversized glasses are going to change your personality. They aren’t bombarding and nor are they extra loud. They add a perfect punch and element to your eyewear with their clear defining frames. 

Ic! Berlin Francesca M. Aviator Glasses
Ic! Berlin Francesca M. Aviator Glasses

This IC BERLIN aviator glasses have a rectangular frame, thin metal-rimmed body and captivating temples. They are here to make your formal look more polished and party stature more enhanced. Pair it with your regular looks and add a remarkable statement to your entire personality. 

2. Transparent Glasses 

Burberry BE2320 3825 Transparent Glasses
Burberry BE2320 3825 Transparent Glasses

Transparent glasses have made a comeback in the eyewear trends with more inclusive styles and designs. Make a statement with this Burberry grey transparent glasses. They have an overpowering thick plastic frame with the signature Burberry pattern engravings over the temple. They are here to establish a nerd and friendly personality statement for you. 

Check more from the transparent glasses collection, here

3. Thick Rim Dark Glasses 

Thick rim glasses have an appealing intriguing nature to themselves. They add character to your facial features with their stunning coloured frames. You can go bold, minimal or out of the box with thick-rimmed glasses, the way you wish to add character to your personality. 

Tom Ford FT5316 001 Black Glasses
Tom Ford FT5316 001 Black Glasses

This Tom Ford thick-rimmed glasses in the cat-eyed rectangular finish has a sleek finish detailing to them. The temples adorn the classic Tom Ford striped details and make for perfect formal wear. 

4. Gold Glasses

Gold frames have an inexplicable character to them. They add elegance to the rather normal frames with their exquisite colour palette. Gold glasses are to trend the charts of 2022. And don’t you dare make a mistake, mistaking gold frames only for serious personalities. 

Burberry BE1313Q 1237 Black Glasses
Burberry BE1313Q 1237 Black Glasses

This Burberry gold metal finish frame is a perfect way to add suspense to your character.  With the Burberry temples and gold finish edges, this frame is a pick of smart ones. Only those who know the style very well know the versatility of this frame. 

5. Tortoise Shell Glasses 

Tom Ford FT5589-B 052 Havana Glasses
Tom Ford FT5589-B 052 Havana Glasses

You cannot go wrong with tortoiseshell frames. They add character punch with each design variant and brings out an intriguing quality of yours. It clearly reflects your personality and we think tortoiseshell designer editions are a worthy pick. 

Explore the tortoiseshell collection here

Here we sum up the trending eyewear collection that would make your splurge worth it. Tell us, which of these trends excite you the most.

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