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Are Aviator Sunglasses in Style 2022?

World war II brought along the trend of aviators. And there is no turning back to it. Even after 80 strong years, Aviators tops the sunglasses trends year after year. From functional to classic, we can see aviators redefining fashion norms with their edgy styles, vibrant colours and versatile designs. Through this article, let’s analyze the aviator trends for 2022. Before that let’s dive right into some history. 

Why are they called aviator sunglasses? 

Aviators were invented at the time of World War II for the air force pilots to block the intensity of the severe sun. Bausch and Lomb were commissioned to develop a pair of sunglasses that could help fighter pilots protect their eyes. After research and experimentation, they came forward with teardrop glasses to offer complete protection and style to the Air Force pilots. Marketed by Ray-Ban, these sunglasses became popularly known as Aviators ever since. Aviators became a statement maker for military men and sportsmen for their rugged and bold appeal. 

Eventually, by the 1950s these military-style additions found their popularity in street and pop culture. Ever since then, we spotted aspirational celebs and Popstars making grand appearances in their Ray-Bans.

Aviators became an aspirational fashion accessory and a must-have for everyone wanting to flaunt their casual styles. We wholeheartedly accepted them as an ultimate fashion accessory. Up until a few decades back this trend was considered to be mainstream for men. However, the feminine flair within these designs and the introduction of pop colours made Aviators versatile for all. 

Today, all leading brands have developed aviator styles for their collection. With teardrop glasses and a thin metal body, adjustable nose pads and bayonet earpieces- aviators display a classic yet functionally different style in every brand. 

What type of face shapes can wear aviators? 

Aviators are versatile for all. It suits almost all face types. However, its appeal over oval, heart and squared face people is simply enchanting. They boast of a casual style and a rugged appearance. With varying designs available in the market, you can easily find an aviator that suits your face type particularly. 

We have handpicked a few of our favourites from the collection to show you the eternal era of Aviator styles. 

Here’s the Aviator Sunglasses Guide for Men 2022 

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses 

Ray-Ban is the very name we recollect as soon as we hear of aviators. Despite being a style that is adopted and heavily endorsed by all the leading brands, Ray-Ban stands at the top, breaking all competition when it comes to aviator styles. Whether we are talking of the classic gold metal frame with black or greenish lenses or the one with gunmetal tones; you are sure to ace your casual style with a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3025 004/78 58 GUNMETAL Polarised Sunglasses
Ray-Ban RB3025 004/78 Gunmetal Polarized Sunglasses

This Gunmetal polarized sunglasses in Blue gradient grey is a great pick for your refined, subtle personality. The full-rim metal body is completed with gradient grey lenses that aren’t reflective. The frame features black ear socks and a double bridge design in a gunmetal-tone. They are perfect for an outdoor day while travelling, attending meetings or for your road trip. Moreover, they are highly versatile for your casual everyday looks. 

If you are looking for something more classic yet less flashy, this ray-ban Polarized aviators could be your perfect pick. This retro-styled aviators have gunmetal green polarized lenses and a lightweight metal frame to give you a sense of luxury. People with strong, collected personalities can hone this sunglasses with an air of intrigue.

Gucci Aviator Sunglasses 

Renowned for its Italian craftsmanship and bold designs, Gucci aviator metal sunglasses have made a phenomenal impact on the market. With bright colours and exaggerated teardrop shapes, these sunglasses are sure to grab eyeballs. This Ruthenium Avana Gold Gucci Aviator Sunglasses features a stylish metal frame and a double metal bridge. The polarized green lenses give you a classic appeal while the tortoiseshell temple will add character to your casual style. It’s perfect for individuals with square or heart face shapes. 

Looking for something perfectly classic? This gold green metallic Gucci Aviator sunglasses features a full rim metal body and a military green polarized lenses. The brand marking Gucci is embossed over a temple and comes with a black bayonet earpiece. It’s sporty and for people who loves making a strong remarkable impression. 

Gucci GG0832S 002 Gold Aviator Sunglasses
Gucci GG0832S 002 Gold Aviator Sunglasses

Black Sunglasses are going to be a hot trend in 2022. They aren’t bold as the classic gold frames. Yet, you are sure to be remembered when you put on those black aviator sunglasses

Gucci GG0515S 001 Black Sunglasses
Gucci GG0515S 001 Black Sunglasses

This Black Gold Gucci aviator sunglasses present a metallic frame and grey polarized glasses. They are sure to create a mystery around you whether it’s the casual or the professional look you are trying to ace. The metallic bayonet earpiece flaunts a butterfly logo and looks like a masterpiece put together. If you have a square face or an intriguing oval face, this pair of sunglasses is going to make you look like your exceptional self. 

Ray-Ban RB4125 601/32 Black Sunglasses
Ray-Ban RB4125 601/32 Black Sunglasses

This Ray-Ban Aviators in black gradient grey is a perfect addition to the fashion-forward styles. It’s an acetate frame in a sleek black finish and looks stunning on young individuals with sharp features and casual flamboyance. The clear black gradient glasses create an interesting appeal and would make for a statement maker when you step out. 

This year, aviators are going to bring a more refined outlook in styles. We can expect unusual colours, functional and adaptable designs and refined adaptions to rule the market of sunglasses. You can view more aviator sunglasses from our collection, here

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