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Buy Gucci Sunglasses online

Gucci is a brand that is synonymous with Luxury. Ever since its inception, the brand has undergone multiple brand revamps, each equally successful to create a brand that’s commendably strong for luxury indulgence. Alessandro Michelle redefined luxury for the 21st century by reinforcing Gucci as the World’s most desirable fashion house. Representing the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship, Gucci products are the epitome of eclectic and contemporary collections. The street art vibe of the brand resonates throughout paired with its impeccable quality and attention to detail.

The Sunglasses collection from Gucci is so profound and distinctive with its maximalist and over the top vibe that you can know it’s GUCCI even before that logo pops out. A keen fashionista and a detail seeker would definitely source the Gucci Sunglasses from the whole lot. Well, luxury should be a sweet indulgence and we cannot think of a better way than owning Gucci Sunglasses.

Gucci Sunglasses Size Guide

While Buying Gucci Sunglasses you would always get the size of a frame. There would be three numbers each indicating a particular sizing. Let me show you how to interpret the size.

Now, each size is given in mm. Say, for instance, the size of sunglasses is 52-21-145.

Size of the lens52
Bridge size21
Temple size145

Considering the size guide would be a wise choice while deciding to buy. You can get an idea of how the frame would look over your face.

Who makes Gucci Sunglasses?

Kering Eyewear is an internal venture that designs and distributes eyewear to luxury brand Gucci. Every pair of Gucci sunglasses are made either in Italy or Japan by a Safilo group. The Acetate frames are made solemnly in Italy. However, Japan due to its renowned market in high-end eyewear is involved in manufacturing certain Gucci frames right in Japan. The CE after the manufacturer’s location can give you an idea about the sunglasses being made in Japan or Italy.

To summarise, your original Gucci is either manufactured in Italy or Japan.

How much are Gucci Sunglasses?

Gucci Sunglasses are quite expensive given that the brand value attached to them and the target market it caters to. The flamboyance of Gucci is that it is a luxury affordable to quite a few. Well, if luxury additions are your guilty pleasure, Gucci sunglasses are indeed a worthwhile addition to have in your sunglasses collection.

At UniGlasses, we have an extensive portfolio of collections from Gucci. We assure you of original products at the best prices you would find online. You would find quality, assurance and best deals with us that aren’t guaranteed somewhere else.

The Gucci sunglasses in our collection starts from 110 Euros and extend up to 450 Euros to cater for every clientele base and diversified needs.

Price comparison

Havana Gucci Sunglasses at UniGlasses.

You can see that they are priced 110 Euros on our website.

While the same sunglasses are priced for 126 euros on Ottica sm.

Similarly, these Gucci Black sunglasses are priced at 176 euros at UniGlasses.

The Same sunglasses are priced at 201 euros at Ottica sm.

We assure you, you wouldn’t find the price as competitive as ours elsewhere.

To view our collection of Gucci Sunglasses, click here.

How can I tell the real Gucci Sunglasses?

Here are a few ways to ensure the authenticity of your Gucci Sunglasses.

  • Real Gucci sunglasses come with a certificate of authenticity and warranty. This can be found inside the packaging. The back of the authenticity card should have information about the colour and style of the sunglasses and it should come in an envelope.
  • Also, the Gucci sunglasses come in a box that has Gucci imprinted on the top. Ensure that the fonts of Gucci on your box and sunglasses match.
  • A carry case within the box should have similar Gucci fonts and the stitching of the pouch should be even and straight.
  • A dust cloth with a Gucci imprint should be there with your packaging.

The best way to ensure that your Gucci sunglasses are real is by buying them through the Gucci store directly. However, if you are choosing an online retailer, ensure that they are authorised online stores dealing in Gucci products. UniGlasses is an online retailer that is an authorised stockist for Gucci products. Not only that we have a 4.9 Trustpilot score that indicates surety and guarantee of the original product. We feature distinctive design and luxury brands and we ensure that products delivered by us are original as promised.

Are Gucci sunglasses Polarised?

Each Gucci Sunglasses offer 100% UVA/ UVB protection. However, there is a difference between UV protection and polarised glasses. Polarised glasses cut the glare completely allowing you to move freely. Some models of Gucci sunglasses are polarised while the rest aren’t. While buying sunglasses you can enquire with the staff or ask for online assistance to see if the glasses you are aiming to buy have polarised protection.

UniGlasses will offer assistance to help you ease your decision making.

Are Gucci sunglasses expensive?

To answer your question, yes Gucci Sunglasses are more expensive than a whole lot of other brands. However, the product offerings of Gucci are so diverse that you can buy the basic models at negligent prices. The price range of Gucci is conveniently designed to suit everyone looking for a light luxury buy to heavy splurge.

At UniGlasses you can find Gucci sunglasses starting at 110 Euros only. We have an extensive collection of Gucci Sunglasses for men and women. We also run a sale on Gucci Sunglasses now and then and maybe if you are lucky you could find your favourite pick at unbelievable rates.

We hope you found answers to most of your questions relating to Gucci Sunglasses. If you have some more queries, ask us in the comment section below. We shall be happy to assist you.

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