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Eye Health

We rely heavily on screens for most day-to-day functions. In offices and schools, we sit in front of computers and stare at the monitor for several hours at a time. Even at home, many of us use tablets or laptops for leisure. In addition, most people these days spend a lot of time on their cellphones. They could be texting, watching videos, posting on social media, playing games and so on.
Astigmatism is the optical term for more than one point of focus. It occurs when the surface of the cornea or crystalline lens is not spherical. Light from an object may focus on the retina in one direction but not the other. An anastigmatic eye has curves that are steeper in one direction than the other, like a rugby ball. A normal, spherical eye has curves that are the same in all directions, like a football. An anastigmatic person will have distorted vision.

SPH (sphere): the amount of long (+) or short (-) sight. The higher the number, the stronger the prescription lens required.

CYL (cylinder): the amount of astigmatism, or visual distortion, caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. 

Your prescription provides us with your doctor’s recommendation for clear and comfortable vision. Please take a brief moment now to review your information with our 3 samples shown here. They represent 3 different ways of writing the same prescription: OD= Right Eye; OS=Left Eye; OU = Both Eyes.

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