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Luxury Glasses

2022 Sunglasses Trends for Men and Women

2022 is going to be surprising too and if we are to predict the Sunglasses Trends in the coming year, we have our bet on these 7 trends. Sunglasses have over time become our favourite go-to accessory wherever we go. They are utterly chic, class and modern to transform any regular appearance of yours into […]

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Christmas Gifts Guide for Her 2022: Luxury Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Christmas is a time for spreading happiness and love among your loved ones, and the best way to show that affection is by giving them Christmas gifts. Designer sunglasses or glasses frames are the best fit if you’re looking for the perfect gift that is something they can use every day to enhance their look.  […]

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Designer Eyeglasses Black Friday Deals and Shopping Guides

Black Friday deals are around the corner, and if you are looking to upgrade your eyeglasses with designer ones, then this is the perfect time to do so. Once in a while, you should spend it on yourself, especially if we are talking about eyeglasses that are going to be in daily use. Then it […]

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Designer Sunglasses Black Friday Deals and Shopping Guides

If you are looking to buy a new pair of branded designer sunglasses, then this is the right time to do so. Because Black Friday has arrived, we’re offering you each pair at a reduced price. So now you can shop without worrying about the budget.  At UniGlasses, you will get the best deal on […]

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Are Aviator Sunglasses in Style 2022?

World war II brought along the trend of aviators. And there is no turning back to it. Even after 80 strong years, Aviators tops the sunglasses trends year after year. From functional to classic, we can see aviators redefining fashion norms with their edgy styles, vibrant colours and versatile designs. Through this article, let’s analyze […]

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Men’s Designer Sunglasses: Our Best Sellers of 2022

Sunglasses have made for themselves a mandatory place in our wardrobe. They are a quintessential statement-maker when it comes to personal style. Whether you are someone who breathes fashion or someone who believes in dressing casually, sunglasses are non-negotiable. And not any sunglasses, you need a perfect one to set the quotient. A great pair […]

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Women’s Black Sunglasses Guide 2022

Black sunglasses are going to rule 2022 with its astounding flamboyance and simplicity. They create mystery right at the point and don’t even get us started on how hot they look. They complete any outfit with its extravagant character and we simply love the attention it captures. If sunglasses are your must-have accessories when you […]

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Best Sellers in Women’s Gucci Sunglasses Feb 2022

Renowned for its eclectic designs and Superior fashion, Gucci has made a segment of the special customer for itself. Its products are the representation of Italian craftsmanship and surpass every quality standard while positioning itself on the top. Gucci has always remained to be an influential, innovating and progressive fashion house, reinventing the approach of […]

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5 Oversized Sunglasses Designers on Trend 2022

Oversized sunglasses are a big hit. They hit the spot right and make for a bold fashion statement. They say people never forget the style and personality of a person. Your loud and sporty personality should be represented in your style. Well, guess what. With oversized sunglasses, you have all the attention in the World.  […]

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2022 Glasses Frames Trends for Female and Male

2022 is already a month down and it’s time we bring forth some fashionable changes for you. Changing your eyewear style is the easiest way to turn around your look and gain a different perspective on the style. Whether you are a fashionista who jump on the bandwagon as soon as a new style is […]

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10 Best Designers for Prescription Glasses Frames

Want to pick out eyeglasses for yourself? Definitely, the quality of glasses is what matters the most while choosing prescription glasses. But what matters equally important is the style and structure of these frames when you put them on. Well, we have compiled a list of the 10 best prescription glasses brands for you. These […]

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10 Best Women’s Sunglasses Brands for Your Next Purchase

Sunglasses have made for themselves an indispensable position in our style statement. Whatever your mood be or your style be, there always are a pair of sunglasses out there to establish your character. What was introduced as a mere accessory to fight the harsh sun are now an integral part of dressing up. A pair […]

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The 10 Best Selling Gucci Glasses Frames for Men

Something is so extravagantly beautiful about eye frames that it brings out an impressionable personality of a person. We all have a pair of sunnies that depicts our mood be it fun, traveling, stylish or extra jazz. However, when it comes to our everyday glass frame, we need to pick something that accentuates our personality. […]

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Blue Light Protection for Better Eye Health

Blue Light Protection for Better Eye Health We rely heavily on screens for most day-to-day functions. In offices and schools, we sit in front of computers and stare at the monitor for several hours at a time. Even at home, many of us use tablets or laptops for leisure. In addition, most people these days […]

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Understand My Glasses Prescription (Rx)

Your prescription provides us with your doctor’s recommendation for clear and comfortable vision. Please take a brief moment now to review your information with our 3 samples shown here. They represent 3 different ways of writing the same prescription: OD= Right Eye; OS=Left Eye; OU = Both Eyes. NOTE, PARTICULARLY: Your astigmatism correction (“cylinder”). Some […]

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Glasses Prescription Explained & Meaning

GLASSES PRESCRIPTION EXPLANATION SPH (sphere): the amount of long (+) or short (-) sight. The higher the number, the stronger the prescription lens required. CYL (cylinder): the amount of astigmatism, or visual distortion, caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. AXIS: the direction of the astigmatism, measured in degrees. PRISM: correction needed to balance the eyes. ADD: the amount of additional […]

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Five Common Eye Condition

ASTIGMATISM Astigmatism is the optical term for more than one point of focus. It occurs when the surface of the cornea or crystalline lens is not spherical. Light from an object may focus on the retina in one direction but not the other. An anastigmatic eye has curves that are steeper in one direction than […]

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Buy Gucci Sunglasses online

Gucci is a brand that is synonymous with Luxury. Ever since its inception, the brand has undergone multiple brand revamps, each equally successful to create a brand that’s commendably strong for luxury indulgence. Alessandro Michelle redefined luxury for the 21st century by reinforcing Gucci as the World’s most desirable fashion house. Representing the pinnacle of […]

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10 Luxury sunglasses brands to consider for your next purchase

Style is much more than the clothes you carry and the shoes you wear. It’s about the statement accessories that always completes a look. Speaking of which, could we ever get over our love for luxury sunglasses. The epitome of class and personal style, these statement accessories help you put your best foot forward. Luxury […]

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